We believe in Superpowers.

your story.

What's the superpower a.k.a. gift that you possess?

It lies within 

Even if you think you have a viable business idea (and let’s face it, you may not know for sure) it can seem impossible to develop a full-fledged business from it. 

All the dreaming and wishing won’t provide a solid plan, and sometimes it just feels easier to keep your day job. But you don’t have to settle for being a dreamer.

The market is not saturated. It doesn't have YOU or your story. Parts of it may not be pretty, but we believe within it lies your superpower and your brand should reflect that.

We help you get crystal clear on your vision, uniqueness, and beliefs to unleash the confidence to connect with your audience in a magnetic way.

our story

Don’t waste another minute building someone else’s business. Instead, start counting down the days until you can finally say, “I quit!”

 • A virtual assistant
 • Someone you need to manage
 • Unknowledgeable about tech and system integration
 • Unfamiliar with business and marketing strategy


A visionary with a unique ability to see ahead into the future of a business and know the steps needed to propel it forward toward its goals. Specializing in connecting entrepreneurs with the team members and content you need before YOU know you need it!

It’s more than having a business strategist, graphic designer,  marketing agency or virtual event tech company. It’s truly like having your own crystal ball for success.



Integration is our superpower! We integrate the exact people, resources, technology and content needed for your unique business.

As the saying goes "Jack of all trades, master of none is oftentimes better than a master of one." Random fact, did you know this popular phrase was originally used to describe William Shakespeare, the integrator? He could perform every function in front of and behind the scenes needed to execute his plays. So if anyone was missing he could integrate where needed. 

This also describes our Founder, Crystal Garcia. In her youth God showed her she was an integrator, but it would be years until she would understand what that actually meant. When the Holy Spirit downloaded Propelcon, it all made sense.

Leading with a systems and automation mindset, Crystal guides new and growing entrepreneurs in how to confidently land their ideal clients and generate the income to live life by their own design. She has helped 6 & 7 figure business owners step up into their leadership superpowers and to sustainably scale thriving team-based businesses without all the overwhelm and exhaustion.


We believe that natural is best, so we take a whole-istic approach to your business, focusing on organic growth and crafting online presences that improve your communication and business reach. 


Are you a high achieving executive who is inspired to do even more?

Our clients include a list of high performing executives who have broken through glass ceilings and shattered the status quo as they not only took a seat the table, they created their own.

We understand the significance of stepping out of your corporate lane into a new uncomfortable one. We are here to move you closer to your entrepreneurial dreams by providing exactly the information and people you need, right when you need it.

No more floundering; no more chaos; no more confusion. Just a rock-solid plan to take you from corporate hustle to believer x boss—in less time than it takes to negotiate a raise.

our clients


THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS "TOO Much" chocolate.

We Believe


"don't squeeze your LEMON to be someone elses lemonade." 

We Believe



the path forward may not always be clear but keep walking in your purpose, you are someones answered prayer!

We Believe

MORE from the team

As a seasoned executive Crystal has created business strategies, implemented large scale transformation programs, and integrated global product launches for some of the nation's top companies. Paired with experience coaching C-suite Executives on leadership, teams, change and project management, she now propels the next generation of entrepreneurs through connection, content creation and conversion strategy using innovative concepts.  Crystal is an Innovator, Tech Visionary and Master Integrator but her favorite title is MOM. She is a gifted marketing and communications strategists known for out of the box ideas, and a blackbook of A-list resources to bring people and dreams together.

business strategist, integrator

Crystal Garcia

discover your superpower here

Each project is propelled by a creative team uniquely curated to meet your specific needs.

The team is led by a Success Manager with knowledge and skills across many key business areas,  thus serving as a well-rounded expert to guide you through the Propelcon Experience.

These success oriented superheroes offer a concierge level of service we have come to be known for which combined with our very own Blackbook of resources can fast-track your business.

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Creative team


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