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We help Executives propel beyond the Boardroom & into Purpose. Our clients are mainstream in the marketplace & true to the Kingdom of God.

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We do more than coach. we are the link between idea and execution so you can focus on what you have been called to do.

We propel your business concepts with proven strategies and brilliant brand designs that connect your purpose with profitability.

Specializing in start to finish business designs and launches, we bring the right people together, building teams and solutions that help you be where you want to be. From custom branding to full business plan creations, we propel your vision forward through business strategy, branding, copy, websites, marketing and conferences!

As a Success Agency we confidently connect entrepreneurs with the team members and content you need before YOU know you need it! How awesome is it going to be NOT to have to figure out who to call and to have your very own concierge business bestie guiding you every step of the way. 

We're in the business of blowing minds
 with business design.

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What is Propelcon?

Seems like everywhere you look these days, someone is either working with or working as a business coach - or maybe both. It might appear to be just the latest trend in online business models, but the truth is, business coaches often mean the difference between profit and loss for an entrepreneur. Even the CEOs of the world's top companies work with coaches, so clearly you can gain from it yourself.

Let's be clear, we do more than coach but it's part of it and the trouble is, there is so much misinformation online about what a business coach is that it can be hard for a new (or even established) business owner to know exactly how to hire a coach - or even if you need one at all!

And even if you do manage to get clear on all of the many (many) pieces and parts that go into creating a viable business…
how can you possibly find time to run a corporation AND organize all your notepads, sticky notes, emails, random thoughts, trainings, books and folders (virtual and otherwise) into some sort of logical order? Where do you even begin? 
That's where we come in. 

About us

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We also know no two businesses are alike, so there are no cookie cutters around here. We tailor your experience to focus on what you specifically need to create your unique brand identity and implement a strategic marketing blueprint to attract your tribe.

Our whole-istic approach aligns your message with touchpoints from logos and websites to sales funnels, emails, blogs, podcasts, book publishing, social media and even summits!

We believe you're super talented and it's time to grow your business with someone who believes in its success as much as you do.

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We Believe

This isn't your typical coaching call.

The Propelcon experience begins with your brand discovery blueprint, followed by a deep dive where we get clear on your purpose and His plan. Walk away with a ready to implement strategy, custom brand blueprint and a curated plan for organic social media growth. Get clear on your high ticket offer and marketing funnel, then how to propel your business forward through the integration of systems, workflows and magnetic customer experiences. 


the propelcon experience begins with  your brand discovery blueprint, followed by a deep dive where we get clear on your purpose and His plan.

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Free Mini- Course

It seems like these days everyone is a business coach but, it feels a lot like  guessing what's behind door number one when it comes to knowing who is the real deal. In this five part mini-series, I've demystified business coaching and given you all the information you need to be an informed consumer when it's time to hire your first coach.

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