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Hey there she-entrepreneur,

I don’t have to tell you how important your tribe is to the overall health of your business. These are the people who know, like and trust you. They follow you on social media. They sign up for your mailing list. They read your blog and listen to your podcast. They’re fans. They love you. And more importantly, they buy from you.

But if your tribe is small, it can feel like a huge hurdle just to get your name and face out there where your ideal client can find you.

How to Host Your Own Virtual Event: 

Module 1: Stress-Free Planning

Module 2: Easy to Set-Up Systems

Module 3: Promoting Your Event

Module 4: Hosting like a Pro

Traditional Marketing Methods Are Slow Going

What's Included

You’ve no doubt got all the right pieces in place. After all, you’re not a total newbie.

You offer a free opt-in on your site with a compelling pop-up or squeeze page.

You mail your list regularly and engage on social media.

You’ve fully embraced content marketing and happily blog at least once per week.

You post to YouTube, and share inspirational quotes on Instagram.

You’ve even spiced up your LinkedIn profile.

All of that is important, believe me.

But it’s not fast. Those are the long-term growth strategies we all need to pay attention to, but when you need to grow your reach now, more drastic measures are called for.

Stop wasting time and energy with costly, low-return list-building efforts, and instead focus on strategies that are proven to work…

Have you dipped your toes in the Facebook ads waters yet?

This and other paid ad options can be super useful for rapidly expanding your reach…or it can be a total dud, and wind up costing you $5 or $7 or even $12 or more per subscriber. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford that kind of acquisition fee.

Of course, you could hire an ad specialist and get those numbers down to a more realistic figure, but you’re still paying out—the money is just going into someone else’s pocket.

There must be a better way…

To attract your tribe & grow your brand

Paid Traffic Is Effective, But Costly!

How to Plan & Promote Your Own Event to Quickly Grow Your Own Tribe of Raving Fans and Loyal Customers!

This easy-to-follow, 4-module course is packed with actionable steps designed to help you master this proven business-building strategy that has helped top coaches increase their profits and expand their reach.

With each module focused on one specific aspect of the overall plan, you’ll never feel overwhelmed with the details or outwitted by technology. You can plan and work at your own pace, and build the summit that’s just right for you and your business.

Module 1:
Stress-Free Planning—From Dream To Reality

Module 1 kicks us off by helping develop a strong, workable plan, including…

A 6-point summit readiness checklist—if you’re at all confused about who is best qualified to manage a virtual summit, this checklist will leave you feeling confident.

The 3-question test for viability—by truthfully answering these three simple questions, you’ll instantly know if your idea will prove profitable… or not.

How to discover what your ideal client really needs—If you want your summit to be a rousing success, you cannot afford to skip this step.

What’s in a name? Everything! We’ll spend some time looking at the whys and hows of creating a sexy, compelling title for your summit.

Three steps for anxiety-free guest invites—even if you think you’re too shy to reach out, these tips will make it easy (and painless)!

The super-secret “trick” to attracting enthusiastic speakers—this one small change can turn “nos” into “yeses” instantly.

Embracing the details—what you must know about the technical side of summits—including what software works, and what to stay away from.

Now that you’ve automated a few of your day-to-day tasks and freed up some time each day, let’s move on to the real stress-inducing business processes.

Module 2:
Easy Set-Up Systems That Will Ensure Your Success

Now that we’ve got the big picture firmly in mind, it’s time to take a look at some of the details. Don’t worry, this is going to be easy! We’ll cover…

5 must-have items for a compelling landing page—this will be your attendees’ first look at you, so you want to be sure you make a great impression here.

A 6-point checklist for guest invitations—you’ll want to be sure you pay attention to every detail here, if you want to fill all your speaker spots.

How to stress-proof your setup—if you do nothing else, this one step can save you from disaster—don’t skip over it!

Getting paid—you have dozens of options, but don’t get overwhelmed! We’ll cover the ins and outs of the most popular choices so you can make an informed decision.

How to get it all done quickly and easily—this one simple mindset change will make everything easier in your business.

How to land a “big name” guest—you know the one. Your dream speaker. It is possible if you follow these steps.

How to fill all your speaker spots—even if you think you don’t have any connections!

Tools to make your life easier—be sure to check out the options for scheduling we’ve included in Module otherwise you’ll spend all your time just managing your calendar!

Building it is one thing. Getting the word out is quite another. In module 3 we’ll concentrate on leveraging your network to bring in a flood of traffic (and opt-ins).

How to keep your affiliates happy—treat them right, and they’ll be your biggest fans. These tips will help.

4 tools you should be providing as part of your affiliate outreach—you’ll see a lot more traffic if you make it easy for others to promote you.

The number one tool most summit hosts miss—and it’s so easy to create there’s really no excuse!

How to reward loyal affiliates and keep them actively promoting throughout your event.

8 proven promotional strategies—actively managing even a few of these will provide stellar results.

6 types of images that grab attention—use a variety of these in all your promotional efforts for maximum effectiveness.

2 tools to make promotions easy and fun—using these will encourage your attendees to promote, too!

Module 3:
How to Get Others To Love Promoting Your Virtual Summit


This is where the fun begins—when you actually connect with your speakers and attendees. The trick is to not let it stress you out. Module 4 has all the tricks to reduce your anxiety and make your event fun.

How to choose the right assistant—it’s critical that you don’t go this alone, but not just any VA will do!

8 tasks you can easily hand off—you’ll have enough work to do—let your VA handle these and other functions.

How to choose the right equipment—you must sound professional, so don’t leave this to chance.

Critical lighting considerations—when it’s you on camera, you want to look your best, so don’t skimp on the lights.

How to look your best—you’ll feel more confident and look more professional if you look great, too. Here’s how.

Why you should never “wing it” on an interview—and what to do instead.

The one thing that will make you look and sound like the pro you are—skip this step at your own peril!

13-point checklist for your webinar—keep this handy so you don’t miss anything.

How to keep the momentum going—the end of your live event is not the end of the benefits. Here’s how to keep reaping the rewards.

Module 4:
Smooth Sailing—Stress-Free Hosting And Presenting Your Event

Build Your List, Expand Your Reach, Show Off Your Expertise

These are just a few of the benefits of hosting a virtual summit. And now, with this four-module course to learn from, you can confidently plan and execute your very own event.

Ready to get started? Just hit the buy button and you’ll get instant access to the course materials.

I can’t promise that you’ll make a million dollars or get on Oprah, but I can promise you this: you will expand your audience…and have fun doing it!

How much is that worth to you?


P.S. This course is backed by my 100% guarantee. If you feel it does not help you in any way to build a better coaching business, simply email me for a fast, courteous refund.

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