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Is Your Website Working For You?

In the early days of the internet – when websites were hand-designed using HTML code and we all waited with baited breath for our dial-up connections to actually connect – business websites were meant to be static placeholders, or business cards.

They were often nothing more than a single page that offered contact information and sometimes you’d see a blinking GIF (or ten!) advertising a product. How the internet has changed since then!

Now that we have a deeper understanding of just how powerful the internet can be in terms of reaching people from around the world, it’s simply not enough to throw up a simple website and leave it there.

Consider your business domain name prime real estate. Do you want to keep the lot empty and ignore the vast resources it can offer or do you want to develop that piece of internet real estate and reap any profits it can deliver?

Get the exact website mapping tool we use with our high-profile clients to maximize their online presence. This map will take your online real estate from rocky roads to Rodeo Drive.

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Website Blueprint

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