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My Top Secrets to Stop Procrastinating and Getting Everything Done!

This 2023, do you want to take control of your time? Do you want your business to skyrocket? Do you want your plate to be manageable and not overwhelming? I know for a fact that no one will answer no to these questions. That is why I created a guide so you know my secrets to stop procrastinating and get everything done so you and your business would both grow this coming year. 

If you are ready to help yourself and your business, continue reading this blog. I want your 2023 to be better and stronger. By understanding how it is to be productive, you will prepare yourself on how to handle your business better!

Productivity Isn’t Easy 

There are so many things that can cause us to falter or stop. Once we get that flow going, we should feed that flow, that energy in order to be truly productive. 

Note that being busy does not always equate to being productive. You may be busy over trivial things that do not even help your business grow. And in this article, I will help you realize things that cause distractions in your day-to-day operations while handling your business. 

You got this and I am here to help you! 

The Top 5 Distractions You Need To Recognize 

Distraction Number 1: Social Media

Social media always consumes your precious time. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and the like, the one thing they have in common is you spend hours scrolling through what is presented on your feed.

You get hooked because these social media platforms have tracked your preferences on what you want to watch and see. They feed you content that is why it is more difficult to quit scrolling once you already started.

Solutions To This Distraction:

  • Use an app like “Rescue Time” to physically limit how much you can be on social media.
  • Delete social media apps from your phone.
  • Turn of all social media notifications.
  • Set a social media schedule and only allow yourself to use social media during allotted times. 

Distraction Number 2: E-mail

E-mails might be important, but it can also be a form of distraction. 

For example, if you are already working on a task you really need to finish ASAP, and an e-mail comes in about a concern regarding your business. The most likely scenario that will come next is you will open that e-mail, respond to it, or figure out what went wrong in your process that caused this e-mail to be sent to you. 

You will now be spending the time you are supposed to be spending on your priority task on this e-mail you just received. What you need to recognize is, did responding to this e-mail help your business? If not, take a look at the solutions so that e-mails can help you and your business instead of distract you from focusing on it! 

Solutions To This Distraction:

  • Avoid responding to e-mails first thing in the morning. 
  • Only open your inbox at specified times of the day. 
  • Turn of all e-mail notifications on your phone and computer. 
  • Create an auto-response that tells others you’re only able to respond to the e-mail on particular days of the week and then stick to that schedule. 

Distraction Number 3: Slack, Skype, Messenger

You might be using Slack, Skype, Messenger or other messaging apps to communicate with your team. Although these messaging apps are important, you have to understand that they can be distractions, too. 

Check out the solutions I have for you below. Trust these tips because their concerns can wait as long as they are not urgent or have nothing to do with the money-making tasks of your business! 

Solutions To This Distraction: 

  • Turn of all notifications on your phone. 
  • Close these apps and only respond to messages at pre-specified times. 
  • Snooze notifications on desktop versions of the chat app. 

Distraction Number 4: Text Messages And Phone Calls

How would a text message or a phone call be a distraction? It’s on the same footing as the chat apps I just told you about. 

Picture this: instead of focusing on what you need to do for the day and maintaining that momentum, your mind will wander off when you start attending to text messages or phone calls. The text message or call may not even have anything to do with your business so make sure you follow the solutions below. 

Solutions To This Distraction: 

  • Put your phone in a drawer and only take it out at specified times. 
  • Disable text notifications on your phone. 
  • Disable text notifications on your smartwatch and laptop or computer. 
  • Only respond to text messages during specific times of the day. 
  • Respond to voicemails at the end of the day after you’ve done your most productive work. 
  • Put your phone on silent mode during your focused periods. 

Distraction Number 5: People Interrupting You

If your business has a physical office, it is easy to get distracted by people who will interrupt you. They can come into your office and have a quick chat with you. 

These interruptions, although not too often, could ruin your flow. When you are already in your boss lady mode, feed it by focusing on what needs to get done.

Solutions To This Distraction: 

  • Close your office door. 
  • Put on headphones. 
  • When someone asks for a minute of your time, ask if you can catch them at a later, specified time. 

When you set these boundaries for yourself, you will definitely slay 2023! 

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